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Ordering FAQs

How do I place an order?
You can order in a variety of ways: on-line, through email, over the phone, or through the mail. Orders cannot be processed until full payment is received.

How do I place an on-line order?

  • Search through our magnet designs keeping in mind we can change any colors/fonts/text.
  • Click on any magnet design to view the magnet information page.
  • Hit the CUSTOMIZE NOW link on the right side and enter your quantity.
  • Work your way through the pages and questions.
  • When your order is submitted, a graphic artist will be assigned to your order. They will read all the notes on your order and work with you on your design. You are able to work with the same person until your order is complete.

What is the thickness of your magnets?
Our magnets are a sturdy .25 mil, about the thickness of a credit card while still being flexible. They are constructed of a full magnet backing, apoxy, your printed artwork, and sealed with a glossy clear laminate.

Can I see a sample magnet?
Sure! To request a free sample kit, go to the Fresh Impressions homepage and click on Request your free sample kit today. Your samples will be shipped the following business day, and you should received them within a week.

How much is it to edit my photo?
We will crop, resize, change to b/w, sepia, b/w with color, or remove the background for you for no additional charge. Please let us make these changes for you to ensure that your photo remains at a high resolution.

Can I see a paper proof of my design?
A paper proof of your design can be purchased for $25, plus shipping. This will be a pre-production laminated proof, without magnet backing.

What if I don’t like my magnet proof?
Our graphic designers will work with you until we create a design you love!

How long will it take to receive my magnets?
Magnet proofs are emailed 24 hours after each request. After proof approval, the magnets will take 5 business days to produce. Fed Ex ground is the standard delivery method, and usually takes 1-4 business days to arrive. Upgraded shipping methods are also available.

Do you offer a RUSH production?
Please call 1.800.993.1213 for rush production options

How much will it cost to ship my order?
Ground shipping is FREE! Please call 1.800.993.1213 for rush shipping options.

How much is the postage per magnet?
Most of our magnets will require a 1 oz. First Class Stamp (currently 44c). The 4x7" magnet and magna-seal postcard will require additional postage.

Do you have envelopes?
We include envelopes printed with your return address on the 3.5x4" and 2x7.375". We don't currently carry envelopes for the other magnet sizes, but we'd be happy to let you know the correct sizes to look for to mail your magnet.

Pricing FAQs

What are the prices of your products?
Simply click on the product to find the pricing.

We print in bulk to keep our magnet prices low. Our minimum quantity for our 3.5x4" and 2x7.375" magnets are 50 pieces. The rest of our magnets have a minimum quantity of 100 pieces.

Are there any proof charges?
We have grapic artist on staff to provide 30 minutes of free grapic services for you. We will let you know if your design will take more than 30 minutes. Typical design is free!

Are there any set-up, art fees or any additional costs I should know about?
We have no set-up, art, or photo fees. We will crop, resize, change to b/w, sepia, b/w with color, and edit out the background of your photos for you at no additional charge. There are no limits on the number of characters, lines, or photos placed on the magnet.

Design Tips

All of our magnet designs are flexible. We can change fonts, colors, backgrounds... even mix 2-3 layouts to create your perfect magnet. But you might have your own design idea in mind. Here are a couple options for creating your own custom magnet:

Describe it to us:
Start with the Create your Own magnet, and then describe in the comment section what you had in mind for your magnet. Our graphic artists will use your notes to create a proof for you to view. You will be able to work back and forth with your artist to perfect your magnet.

Design it yourself:
Start with the Create your Own magnet. You will be asked to upload your artwork later in the order process. We will check the artwork for correct sizing and give suggestions if needed. Finished artwork can also be emailed to us at

Tips for designing your own magnet:

  • Keep your artwork and photos at 300 dpi
  • Use CMYK for colors and color photos, use Greyscale for b/w photos
  • Lighten all photos and reduce red tones
  • Add strokes (or bold) all white or light fonts on dark backgrounds
  • Submit artwork as a .tif, .jpg, .pdf or .psd
  • Your artwork should be 1/8? bigger on each side than the magnet size

Use the bleeds and dead space as shown below:


NOTE: Fresh Impressions cannot assume responsibility for incorrect output of photos or incomplete artwork. A paper proof of your design can be purchased for $25, plus shipping. This will be a pre-production laminated proof, without magnet backing.


We recommend all artwork and photos be submitted at 300 dpi for the clearest printing. The easiest way to do this is to send the original photo, before cropping or resizing. We will crop, resize, change to b/w, sepia, b/w with color, and edit out the background for you for no additional charge. We print in CMYK color, so all files will be converted before printing. We check all artwork files that we receive, and will advise you if your file is lower resolution than we recommend. We cannot be responsible for incorrect output of customer photos or finished artwork.

WARNING: Dark photos or photos with dark undertones will print dark; Red photos or photos with red undertones will print red. If you would like to use a background for your magnet, we can use images from or Images copied from other websites are not high resolution, and will not print well.

Preferred File Formats
We prefer all artwork submitted be in .tif, .pdf, .psd, or .jpg formats.

Digital Camera Tips
Use a camera that is 3 megapixels or higher and set your camera at the highest image-quality setting. (Your camera will hold less photos, but each photo will be a higher resolution.)

Scan Your Photo
Make sure your scanner is clean and free of dust. Use your largest sized photo, and do a custom scan at 300 dpi. You can then email it or upload it onto the order.

Refund & Privacy Policy

Refunds: Due to the nature of our customizable products, refunds are not available. If there was an error on our part during the production process, we will correct the error free-of-charge as quickly as possible.

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